Let's be PROUD of our athletes & their great achievements!

I'd like to mention two important sporting events in this blog, one which ends today, and another which just began yesterday. Both involve athletes from Finland so I think we should be very proud of their accomplishments & be cheering them on throughout their journey!

The first event is called The Artic Winter Games. These games began in 1969 with only a few groups involved and over the years it has united 9 teams from around the circumpolar north:
  • Russia represented by the Yamal - Nenets
  • Canada represented by northern AB, NU, YK, Nunavik PQ, & the NWT
  • USA represented by Alaska
  • Denmark represented by Greenland
  • Team Sapmi representing northern Scandinavia (1st joined in 2004)
The AWG brings together youth to participate in 21 different sporting events, both indoor & outdoor as well as traditional Arctic sports & Dene games. Various social & economic benefits are a result of these games, not to mention the sharing of cultural values through visual & performing arts and fashion shows; to mention a few.

The second event I'd like to mention are the International Paralympic Games, these games begin yesterday and will continue until March, 21st. They first games took place in 1960 and they have continued strongly since. Finland has 5 athletes competing in 3 sports during these games.

Last night I was lucky enough to go in to Rovaniemi centre and experience the Reindeer City Races. They were awesome ~ it was a great evening to enjoy the excitement and the temperatures were not too cold (-6). These guys make it look easy (and yes, I would LOVE to give it a go!) but they are defiantly another great example of hard working & dedicated athletes!


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