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In Finnish nature for the first time?

Almost every time I ask exchange students who come to study in Rovaniemi, what they are looking for to do during their stay in Lapland, the answer is to go to the nature. If you haven’t been into a Finnish  forest yet, but wish to go, here you might get some tips for your trip.  To begin with, you need to find out where to go. I would suggest Ounasvaara, as it is very close to the city centre of Rovaniemi. You can reach Ounasvaara by bike, bus or even by walking. If you have a car, Kuninkaan laavu is not too far away either and quite easy to reach.  Secondly, you need to wear comfortable clothes. Hiking boots are not mandatory, but maybe try not to wear your newest white shoes as the hiking route could be muddy. Consider the weather when picking the clothing. If it is likely to rain, bring a waterproof jacket. In forest you can’t really use an umbrella, so if it rains cats and dogs on the day you are planning to go, it is best to raincheck the trip. Otherwise weather is not a problem t

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