Spring light

Few months ago I wrote about darkness and winter so I think now’s the time to talk about spring and light!

Yesterday I told my sister how I spent Tuesday night watching auroras at the icy river and she was so surprised – “you still have snow?” Oh, dear sister living in the the Southern part of the country, we do. It seems that for many weeks ahead, too, but I’m surprisingly glad about it!

The spring tiptoes its way to Rovaniemi slowly, quietly, and later than in the South of Finland. I love following the changes of seasons, and this period between the darker, colder winter months and the late spring is one of my favorites. The snow still colors the view but the sunlight starts to feel warm and the days get slowly longer.

The increasing amount of light pulls the habitants of Rovaniemi out of their homes to enjoy the weather - this is maybe the best time of the year for winter outdoor activities. On sunny weekends it looks like the whole city has gathered to the ice coated river Kemijoki, cross country skiing and ice fishing seem to be the most popular activities. Skiing is my choice as well – music, sunshine and the rhythm of skiing go very well together.

I can’t deny that a part of me is already waiting for summer but now’s time to enjoy the light of the spring sun! Remember sunscreen when skiing on sunny days (and proper safety equipment when watching the eclipse tomorrow!)


  1. Upeita aurinkoisia kuvia! Ihanaa että joku jaksaa vielä lähteä hiihtämään. Mäkin oon aina vaan suunnitellut, mutta sukset on porukoiden mökillä eikä niitä ikinä jaksa raahata Rovaniemelle pieneen kämppään tilaa viemään. Big up!


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