Nova Scotia to Canada's North....onwards & upwards

I've now made it back to Nunavut, Canada a place I have been calling home for nearly 9 years. I flew from Rovaniemi through to Helsinki and on to New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia (in total, nearly 26 hrs of travel)! I spent 10 days in Nova Scotia, my home province, visiting with friends and family that I hadn't seen since flying off in August, so needless to say there was lots to catch up on.

My father and I went 4 wheeling through the woods near my place. He did some fly-fishing while I took in the smells of spring. He ended up catching a trout, it was a lovely tasting supper! The 10 days in Nova Scotia was 'summer' for me. When I flew back to Iqaluit, Nunavut (just below the Arctic Circle) I noticed the snow had begun to melt on the land, and that the Arctic Ocean was also breaking up away from town.

I arrived on a Wednesday, and the following day the Arctic College (which I attended in 2008-2009) had an IQ (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit) day. This is a day organized by many Government departments in Nunavut aiming to educate people of the Southern provinces about traditional cultural activities of the Inuit. We had a great day ~ a perfect welcome home for me! We traveled by skidoo across Frobisher Bay and through the hills to a spot called 'Bay of two rivers', we drilled some holes with the auger and fished for Arctic Char during the afternoon. A few ptarmigan were also gotten along the way, a great day on the land!

My next step will be flying north to Resolute Bay, Nunavut. I will be working there for the Department of Natural Resources, Polar Continental Shelf Program as a Base Manager Trainee. I will try to write my last blog from there in a few weeks ~ Until then....


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