Dealing with the trials of travelling while maintaining a positive attitude

Travelling is wonderful, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to drive across my country and within the last year to Finland on exchange. I also had the chance to travel around parts of Europe during the holidays, such a great opportunity that I just couldn't resist going for! But all this travel never goes as planned and if anyone ever tells you they have never had any 'bumps in the road' while on journeys, I guess they are of the small selection that haven't!

I don't know if it had been dubbed the biggest upset in European air traffic yet or not, but the news sure made it feel that way! One word....Eyjafjallajökull ......I think anyone who was planning a flight during the week around April 14th will recognize this word and link it to disruption and a sense of what Mother Nature herself can throw in our paths. I had to reschedule my flight home 3 times, the 4th time was a charm and I landed safely back on my home turf last night.
Having booked a car rental, I went to the office in the am and got everything sorted out with the dates and paperwork. Just as I was about to put pen to paper and get the keys in hand, the agent noticed that my licence had expired while I was in Finland! Oh no I thought ~ what to do now ~ Nova Scotia isn't all that big, but it is not serviced by train or by bus elaborately so a car is a must! So, the first few days of my vacation will spent calling, faxing, and hoping to be behind the wheel for at least 3-4 days before I head back to Nunavut to begin working for the summer!
I will miss Finland alot, but I am super happy to be able to see friends and be with family for a week in Nova Scotia! Shortly I will be travelling back north, to begin my next adventures ~ fingers crossed all travel from here on in goes without to much hastle!


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