Northern Lapland Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

A few friends and I decided to escape Rovaniemi for the long week-end and head north. We
had thought of the idea of spending the time in a spot full of festivities, museums, and maybe even a place to do some downhill skiing. Instead we all thought a peaceful few days away from all the busyness would be a better idea, and it turned out we were right!

We found Peurasuvanto Holiday Village on the internet one evening and decided this was the perfect spot for us. The hosts, Annukka & Antti Ranta
lainen, treated us wonderfully. We enjoyed cross-coutry skiing through a trail in the woods and then along the river on a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon. The following day a couple of us were thrilled to have the opportunityto go on a short but lovely skidoo trip through the woods to a kota where we had some makkarra and apple cider ~ the evening was spent having great conversations with friends infront of a roaring fire ~ what could be better!

On the final morning, we decided that we would jump into the chilly
river waters and run up to the wood sauna. Since I will be leaving Finland in a few weeks I felt it was my Canadian duty to partake in this Finnish tradition. was so refreshing ~ I actually couldn't resist going in a second time :) It was also very peaceful waking up to the bird songs; feeders were spread amongst the cabins so I took a few pictures trying to capture their beauty.

We all arrived home to our flats in Rovaniemi last evening and are back to studying, not much longer now and the school year will be finished up and I will be seated on a plane waving good-bye to this beautiful country. I will be writing more blogs within the month and a few in May also. I had a great weekend, and who knows, I may very well return in the future.


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