Christmas edition

Around these days most of the university students pack their belongings and head to their childhood homes. There's something magical about Christmas. When I think of what Christmas means to me, it is the smell of cinnamon and cardamom, good food, the most beautiful Christmas carols, candlelight and being surrounded by the people I love. This year I decided to travel to Germany to see how people there get ready for Christmas.

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. Every city, town and village has their own markets where people gather to eat gingerbreads and drink some glühwein (stronger version of the Scandinavian glögg). In the bigger cities it seems like there is a Christmas market behind every corner and it's also possible to even find an ice skating platform or a carousel in the market area. And the people! There are so many of them, everywhere! Something you could rarely experience in Finland.

Christmas decorations in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.
© Andreas Reichert

The athmosphere on the Christmas markets is very cozy and "Christmassy". Yet I can't help but notice that people seem extremely busy, especially in the bigger cities. My German friend asked me if it's as hectic in Finland. And I must say it surely is. I guess people want to try to make sure they have everything ready for Christmas. This means buying the presents, ordering/preparing the food and planning the schedule for the Christmas eve and day. In Finland it's also typical to clean the whole house from the floor to the ceiling before Christmas. And let me tell you it can be quite a project!

Still, I would like people to remember that it's not those expensive presents or the super tidy home that makes the Christmas. It's the athmosphere you create. I try to take this Christmas as relaxed as possible and just enjoy the time I spend together with my loved ones. Not stressing about the presents or anything, but taking it easy. After all it's a holiday first and foremost.

Happy holidays to all!



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