Short Introduction

Hello All!

I'm Jodi from Canada and I will be positing to this blog in English! I think I will begin by telling you all a bit about myself. I arrived in Rovaniemi at the end of August '09 and have been enrolled in the Arctic Studies Program. I only planned on staying for one semester ~ but I loved it so much here that I have decided to stay until the spring and complete the program and, hopefully, earn a diploma in the end!

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada; I'm what we call an 'East Coaster'. After finishing High School and a few years of college I decided to travel 'Out West' and explore the rest of Canada while working. After a few years, I thought to myself there is one last place in Canada which I have yet to visit ~ the arctic ~ Nunavut! So I packed my bags..again..and headed north for a year contract. That was in 2001 and it's now 2010 and I am still calling Nunavut home. The way of the north drew me in and now I am experiencing the European arctic...what a change!

The G7 just finished up yesterday in Iqaluit (the capital of Nunavut), where I will be returning to in April to look for a sweet job with all my newly educated self! It's pretty awesome that a city of only 7,000 people can pull off this type of event, and as far as I've heard, without a glitch!

Last Thursday I returned from the 3rd Jokkmokk Winter Conference in Sewden. A group of students from the University drove to Jokkmokk on Sunday & Monday and attended this conference to learn more about Climate Change, its effects, and how to implement positive changes, beginning locally. There were speakers from various organizations, voicing their specific concerns, while educating the audience on various climate issues. During the conference the local historic market (on-going since 1605) was set-up and we were able to visit and roam around with men dressed in wolf & bear skin jackets! It was a chilly visit, probably a mean temperature of -20, but Jokkmokk is such a quaint village with a strong Saami culture, a visit there was a must for me!

Until next time,


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