Reindeer Races & Canadian GOLD

So, the end of yet another month here in Rovaniemi. Time is quickly running short for me here, just booked my ticket back to Canada a few days ago & now comes the challenge to get in as much as possible ~ for the best price ~ who knows when I will have an opportunity to return.

Yesterday, a few friends and I decided to hop on the bus to Luosto to check out the Reindeer Cup races. We had biked last Saturd
ay (in -30!!!) to the race track here in Rovaniemi to watch but unfortunatly they were cancelled due to the cold temps ~ by 1:00pm it had risen to -26 but it needed to be -22 for the races to begin. A bit disapointing, but it was a beautiful bike ride and so nice to sit & bask in the sun with a beer before heading back to town. I heard the races did happen the folowing day, it had warmed up these few crucial degrees.

Luosto was beautiful! It was snowing the entire day with temperatures about -10 or so ~ perfect weather to be outside for the day! We made our way to the lake just in time to catch the beginnings of the race. There were pony rides for the kids, fires to warm up beside, and even festive dances from some Sami youth ~ so nice to see them embrace their culture! After the races we visited one of the hotels and warmed up with an afternoon glass of wine; very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday!

One more place to go within the next month is Lumi Linna, the Snow Castle of Kemi. Plans are in the making to catch the train, looks like a must see! I'd also love to rent a cabin for the Easter week-end, but it seems most are booked, might get lucky though...have to wait and see!

To close I can't help but be patriotic and say GO CANADA GO for the GOLD!!! The final hocey game CAD vs USA for the gold metal is happening as I type, score is CAD 2 USA 1 beginning of the 3rd period; if, and when, we win it will be the most GOLD metals ever won by a country in any Olympic Games ~ WOW ~ so proud to be Canadian! And I have to say CONGRATS to the Finns for their Bronze metals in both mens & womens hockey ~ GO FINLAND!


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