Welcome to Rovaniemi (1/3): Why it is worth being an early bird and arrive in August

Although most of your courses might start only in September, it has many advantages to arrive already in August. I moved to Rovaniemi in the first week of August and can definitely recommend new students to consider an early arrival date. 

Arriving several weeks before the start of your studies allows you to…

… have enough time to settle in your apartment

Moving to a new apartment is always exciting – but can also involve a lot of organizing. While the student apartments for exchange students are equipped with the necessary basic furniture, apartments for degree students are usually unfurnished (except for closets). Luckily, there are several furniture and second-hand shops where you will find everything you need, but still the time it takes to get an empty apartment furnished should not be underestimated.

… connect to fellow students before your studies start

I was very happy to meet my class mates even before the orientation or the first courses. That way, we could discover Rovaniemi together and already knew each other beforehand. It was often also possible to solve problems together, if we had the same questions or challenges.

… get familiar with the city

Where is the closest supermarket, the fastest way to the city center or the best route for a walk around the river? It can take a couple of weeks or even months to discover a new neighbourhood. It is both exciting and useful to get to know a new city and its possibilities! Use your contacts to other students to get some tips about what Rovaniemi has to offer.

… enjoy the last weeks of summer

Having experienced all seasons in Lapland, I can tell you that there are many activities that you can do in Rovaniemi only in summer. Summer in Lapland can end very quickly in September, so I recommend to enjoy the warm days in August. How about having ice cream on a bench, blueberry picking in Ounasvaara or swimming in the river?

Whenever you plan your arrival in Rovaniemi, keep in mind that the first courses and the orientation programme might start already at the end of August. Welcome to your new home!


The author of the blog, Vanessa, is studying Tourism, Culture & International Management at the University of Lapland. @tourcim

Photos: Vanessa


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