Only in Lapland: 5 unique free time activities – summer edition

Photo: Vanessa Hylton

Lapland’s nature offers numerous different free time activities – both in winter (LINK to blog article “Only in Lapland: 5 unique free time activities – winter edition”) and in summer. After the darkness and coldness of the winter months, people in Rovaniemi enjoy the daylight and warmer temperatures. Are you wondering how to make most out of the brightest time of the year? Here are five suggestions!

Swimming in natural water

Thanks to the numerous rivers and lakes around Rovaniemi, there are always swimming possibilities nearby. Popular places for enjoying the fresh water in Rovaniemi include the Valdemari beach (with a sand beach and a wonderful view towards the city center) and Kesärafla, where you can not only swim but also enjoy sauna, food and drinks. But even in Rantavitikka (10 minutes walking from the university) is a beach for swimming.

Camping under the midnight sun

In Finland, it is generally allowed to camp freely in nature. Since there is much and diverse nature around Rovaniemi, the possibilities for camping are fantastic! Especially in June, it is amazing to witness the phenomenon of the midnight sun that makes Lapland’s nights “nightless”. Find yourself a good spot for your tent but be prepared to have mosquitos around, especially if you plan to stay close to rivers or lakes.

Photo: Vanessa Hylton

Stand-Up Paddling

Have you ever tried to stand on the water? On a stand-up paddle board, you can explode the waters around Rovaniemi in a unique way. This sport becomes more and more popular and is a very special way to stay fit!

Outside BBQ

Being grown up in a big city, making a fire in nature reminds me of holiday trips but was never something I did regularly. That changed when I moved to Rovaniemi: In many nature areas, such as forests, close to lakes or in national parks, you will find facilities to make a fire. Those are either called “Laavu” (a lean-to-shelters) or “Kota” (which is a small, closed hut). Many of those places provide wood, but it is always worth checking this beforehand or taking some wood. Preparing food is a great and atmospheric way to take a break during your tour!

Photo: Vanessa Hylton

Frisbee Golf

Until moving to here, I thought Frisbee and Golf would be two separate activities. Which is true, but in Finland you can combine both! In frisbee golf, you move from checkpoint to checkpoint by throwing a frisbee – instead of hitting a ball. The playing areas can be on fields, in forests and even go a bit up- and downhill. A map provides you the necessary overview where to find the colourfully marked baskets in which you have to throw the frisbee.


  • The author of the blog, Vanessa, is studying Tourism, Culture & International Management at the University of Lapland. @tourcim


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