Why study law in the University of Lapland?


My name is Jenna and I’m a second-year law student at the University of Lapland. There are four other cities in Finland where you can study law but Lapland was my first choice. If you are thinking about doing your exchange year in Finland, I am going to tell you why you should choose the University of Lapland.

Photo: Jenna

Rovaniemi is a small, but active student city. Some people may be surprised how a small city like this has all kinds of student activities. On the other hand, some people may be only surprised by the fact that how small this city is. Nonetheless, Rovaniemi is a great place to live as a student. For example, last week law students and exchange students made pulla together. This week law students and exchange students are going to have sitsit together. (Pulla is a traditional Finnish dessert and sitsit is a fun event where you sit together, drink, and sing songs). There are other activities as well where exchange students are welcome.

Photo: Jenna

Rovaniemi has other good qualities as well. Nature is beautiful here. If you come here as an exchange student, I guarantee that you will get to experience great views, outdoor activities, and amazing nature. You will most definitely experience all four seasons here. We have a lot of snow during winter and it’s truly a winter wonderland here. During spring you can enjoy those beautiful snowy but sunny days. The amount of light grows during spring after a period of dark winter. In summer we have yötön yö (= ”nightless night”) which means summer is full of light. Summer in Lapland is something different. Last but not least, autumn which is my personal favorite. The colors of autumn (= Ruska) are something everyone should see. There are great hiking places in Rovaniemi and nearby and autumn is the best season to go on a hike. 

Photo: Jenna

Our university is small but comfy. We have a lot of interesting courses here and I could not be happier that I chose the University of Lapland. Would you be interested in studying indigenous peoples’ rights in the arctic? International criminal law? Space law? Information law and information technology law? Our university offers many interesting law courses for exchange students. You can find all the courses here: https://opinto-opas-lay.peppi.lapit.csc.fi/fi/ohjelma/15925)

If you have any questions about studying or living here, you can ask in the comments or ask me on Instagram @oikisjenna. I will happily help you the best way I can.

I hope you choose the University of Lapland, we would be happy to have you here!

<3 Jenna


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