Welcome to Rovaniemi (3/3): Where to get to know new people

Finding new friends seems to be one of the biggest challenges when moving to a new city. Depending on your situation, whether you are degree or exchange student or if you already know people living in the same city, there might be different opportunities to connect. Here are just some ideas on how to meet new people!

University’s orientation days

It might seem too obvious for some people to even mention it here, but my experience has shown that it is worth emphasizing it: Use the orientation programme as a chance to connect to fellow students! Of course, the main aim of the orientation is to provide important information on studies and life in Rovaniemi, but that is exactly the reason why you will meet people who are in the same situation as you: Freshly arrived to Rovaniemi and open for new friends!

Student associations

As an essential part of Finnish student culture, student associations (or in Finnish “ainejärjestöt”) represent the student community of different study subject. For example, there are associations for law students, art students, tourism students and so on. ESN Lapland has their own organization for exchange students as well! Since the associations do not only represent the students’ rights and needs but also organize various events, an active participation in the association is a great way to find new friends.

Photo: Vanessa

Free time clubs & interest groups

Do you have any hobby such as group sport or singing? Then you might join local clubs, such as sports teams or a choir. Also, you can contribute to the university’s student radio or magazine, for example.

After all, I encourage everyone to be open and make the best out of the various opportunities to connect to others – both within and outside of the university.


The author of the blog, Vanessa, is studying Tourism, Culture & International Management at the University of Lapland. @tourcim


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