Student exchange at the University of Lapland

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It's Suvi here and this week is my turn to do a blogpost in English. I asked an exchange student some questions about studying in the University of Lapland and living in Rovaniemi. Here are his answers! He also sent me some pictures of him and his time here, enjoy!

©Valentin Assemat

Who are you?
  • My name is Valentin, I am 22 and I come from a city near Grenoble, in France. I study international and European law.
©Valentin Morat

Why did you decide to come to Finland fo exchange and especially to Rovaniemi and the University of Lapland?
  • I decided to come as an exchange student to Finland and especially to Rovaniemi for many reasons. The first and the main one was that I wanted a very different experience, something you cannot have by going to any European capital city. My wish was to experience something totally new and special. I love nature, wide-open spaces and skiing, that’s why I chose Finnish Lapland to study.
How does living in Finland differ from your home country?
  • It differs a lot! In terms of temperature and amounts of snow especially. Even though I am from the Alps, it is entirely different. The most different thing was the sun: at first, I was very disorientated when the “day” meant “3 or 4 hours of light”!
©Valentin Assemat

What is the best thing about living in Finland and in Rovaniemi?
  • For me, nature is definitely the best thing about living in Rovaniemi. When there is no snow it is possible to hike in the forest, starting from the city-centre! During the winter I was delighted to live close to nature and be able to ski.
What about the best things about studying at the University of Lapland?
  • Studying at the University of Lapland was a change for me! I have been surprised by how teachers are easily reachable and capable to understand you personally. You can study at your own pace here.
©Valentin Assemat

What has surprised you the most during your exchange?
  • The most surprising thing during my exchange year has been how smooth life is: how easy it has been to arrive here, to move in, or to choose your studies. At first glance, Finnish people can seem very strict and emotionless, but it hides their real values: they are very helpful people.
Would you recommend Finland and the University of Lapland to others?
  • I would definitely recommend Finland and especially the University of Lapland to anyone who wants to improve his or her English skills in a wonderful and unique environment. You will create memories for life.
Five tips to future exchange students?
  1. Buy warm clothes
  2. Take seriously into account the lack of sun
  3. Enjoy all the local activities you can do (ice swimming, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking…)
  4. Learn a little bit of Finnish if you want to know what you are buying at the supermarket (no joke)
  5. Wait 3 hours in -20° C to see the Northern Lights, it is worth it
©Valentin Assemat

So, if you are considering doing your student exchange in Finland – and you should – Rovaniemi and the University of Lapland make a perfect place! I have moved to Rovaniemi from Southern Finland and I have also fell in love with this place. It's magical. 

And don't forget – Santa lives here so you can go meet him ;)

- Suvi, OTK


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