Sugar and spice and... extracurriculars!

Hello there and wonderful day to you reader! 

It’s me, Johanna, 4th year art education student! I’m 24 years old, Capricorn, extracurricular hoarder and theatre enthusiast. To see Johanna exclusive adventures, check these Instagrams: Personal & Art related! I’ve already made occasional appearances on University Instagram, but today I’m taking my first round in this blogs spotlight… and in English! Wohoo! As an art student I’m going to be talking a lot about creating in different ways, not just from actual artistic perspective, in my posts. 

The first round of creativity is fall inspired. For a student New Year happens twice a year, between December and January and at some not-so-specific time around August and September. The first activity of the second new year is to get creative with courses and what to chooses for the semester. But what if I want to spice things up a little? Autumn is also time for other beginnings. What I want to talk about is the fine selection of extracurricular activities! 

Before I list just a few exciting possibilities, students can spend their time on, I want to remind everyone that having actual free time of no actual responsibilities is super important and should always be considered before rushing into anything! Always schedule some time for rest!

Interested in in learning in your free time?

Niitä syntyy kuin sieniä sateella – They pop up like mushrooms on rainy day. I’m talking about clubs and groups of all kind. Want to learn languages? Café Lingua is the place to be. Art student who wants to do more photography? Find out more about student led Kamerakerho! Get familiar with information channels like info boards at university or Facebook and find whatever floats your boat.

How about having an influence on student community?

Every student has a possibility to get their voice heard. One can be active member of their subject’s student association or even apply to their subject’s student associations council. This fall is especially exciting time, because of the student delegate election! All students remember to vote!

Interested in mostly student led creative projects?

University choir Lucida Intervalla? Improvisation musical theatre LoimuSpeksi? Lapin ylioppilasteatteri? There is performative activities to choose from! Intrigued by podcasts and radio? Radio Säteily will take over in November for three weeks, broadcasting 100% student made content!
The results of these are breath-taking and fun to see for all! If you are interested in being involved, most of these have casting dates or entrance exams during fall semester, so keep your eyes open for casting calls! LoimuSpeksi has casting on 4.11. this year!

And this is just the tip of an iceberg. Get creative. Personally, during my time here, many of these have brought me joy beyond reason! Oh, I will be making a show for Radio Säteily with few of my friends this year, tune in to 89.00hZ every Thursday 19.00! to find out more!

Until next time! 


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