Why is it a good timing to live in Rovaniemi while studying? Living as a student 3/3

Hey! It is me, Maria writing my last blog for this spring, and I`m about to reveal some of the reasons why moving to rovaniemi at this point of my life have been particularly good decision. As some of you may know, I`m originally from Central Finland, and moving to rovaniemi was not really my intention in the first place. Moving to Lapland was still one of the best decisions that this young woman have made so far. Here is why:
As we all know, studying years are great time for new experiences. I have always been really passionate to travel and to learn from the places that I`ve been to. Studying in Rovaniemi have not only offered the benefits of its small and high quality University, but also offered the best solution to combine studying and travelling aroud the most beautiful Lapland.
Our flexible studies and the location of Rovaniemi have given me a chance to see Finland from a totally new perspective and I totally have fallen in love with it. I really feel that the timing to live here at this point of my life was the best, because I have no attachments to any other city and that gave me the freedom to try how living here would feel like.
I defenitely had to step outside of my comfortzone when I decided to leave my hometown Jyväskylä and move to Rovaniemi. I feel that it is now even more easy to take a same kind of risk in the future and hopefully benefit from it like I now do. That feeling helps me take a chance what comes to new adventures or even finding a perfect place to work some day. But for now I am going to enjoy Lapland as fully as I can! Have a sunny spring you all! Kindly, Maria/KTK


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