How to move and integrate to Rovaniemi - Step by step guide!

Hi! Johanna here, it’s my turn to write a blog! 

Mostly we write about why you should come to study in Lapland or how life is already studying, but today we will go through all the steps of how to move and get your student life started in the most amazing city: Rovaniemi! 

All the good hacks and secrets to moving to Rovaniemi


A roof over one's head is the basic need for a person. There are several ways to find a home in Rovaniemi and here are few options!

For a student DAS (Domus Arctica -säätiö) is a great choice to find a place to live. Affordable and easy! Remember, depending on the month the waiting period might take some time.

Open market has even more variety in both the location and price. Check out all the rental apartment websites like Lumo, Tori, Vuokraovi or KAS!

“Vuokra-asunnot Rovaniemi” Facebook group is a gold mine, but it's a group so you need to ask for the access to join. It often has more options in communal living!


There are endless ways to decorate and make your place your own. But sometimes new furniture is too expensive or the stay is not that long. Here are some tips on how to decor your home cheap and neat!

Flea Markets! Rovaniemi has some awesome second hand stores

“Roskalava Rovaniemi ja ympäryskunnat” - Facebook group. Another man's trash is another one's treasure! The group is for giving away basically anything – for free! Worth checking out!

Specific short term needs? If you scored a DAS apartment, you can borrow many household items from the office like sewing machines, bikes or even a boat!


Rovaniemi is easy to move around! Bikes and walking get you anywhere in less than an hour! And referring to the last step, bikes are easy to access if you don’t have one yet! 


Bus is also a very nice option. Busses get you pretty far and travel cards student priced month is a go to thing!

Car is also a nice possibility! Owning one isn’t a must any more, DAS has nowadays PlanBil community cars to borrow! 


Now it’s time to make friends/get a job/ study!

Good way to get started is to read your tutor letters! They have all the important stuff and contacts to know.Then, if you have social media like facebook, join all the groups  of your studies program.

No facebook or other social media? Inform your tutors (call or email) and register on the newsletters to keep updated!

Join the meetings! Online or if the covid-situation allows physical meetings, join them and get to know your class and other students! 

Get involved in extracurriculars, they are an amazing way to create a network! Here’s my old blog about those! 

In the end there are a zillion ways to make a home in a new city or a new country! Remember to take your time, research options and have courage to give it a go! 

Welcome to Rovaniemi! Can’t wait for all of you to get here!

- Johanna, TTK

PS. My last year colleague Oona made some solid points on the question why? If you have any doubts still, go read this!


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