Eco (and budget) friendly


As a student you might think that it is a refreshing cocktail to drink in the picture. And it actually is a cocktail, but not the kinda you have in your mind. In this post, I'm cooking stuff that are useful for your everyday life, fits into students budget and does no harm for nature. All you have to do is to buy a bottle of vinegar, one lemon, marseille soap and essential oil of you choice.

General purpose detergent:
-Water (0,25l)
-Vinegar (0,25l)
-Slices of one whole lemon
Mix water and vinegar together. Squeeze the lemon slices in and let the mixture be over night. Sift the mixture into a spray bottle.

Laundry softener:
-Vinegar (0,35l)
-Water (0,65l)
-Tea tree oil/essential oil of your choice (5-20 drops)
Mix water and vinegar together. If using the softener for sport clothes, I like to use tea tree oil for its antibacterial benefits and fresh smell. Otherwise I love the smell of lavender so I like to add about 20 drops of lavender essential oil into the softener. If you already have an empty bottle that is made for softener, then use it again! It is easy to measure the softener (just like regular softener) with the cap of the bottle.

Dish soap:
-Grate of marseille soap (1dl)
-Water (0,30l)
-Vinegar (0,20l)
-Slices of one, whole lemon
Mix water and marseille soap together. Boil them to make the soap melt and blend into water. Let it cool down. Then add the vinegar and the lemon slices. Let it be over night. You can also reuse the lemon you used for the detergent. Sift the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all over your dishes!

If you want to know how to make laundry powder that is as easy (and cheap) to make as these three, go check it out from our instagram.

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