Fantastic community and 3 more reasons to choose lapland for a place to study

Theatre of Rovaniemi with northern lights

 had my doubts too when i found that i would be moving to lapland for my studies. After all its is cold, the winter lasts 6 months and it is far away from home. My doubts turned out to be very much useless and I am going to tell you why YOU should consider lapland for your university studies.

  1. Community. This is the biggest and boldest reason. Our university is big enough for it to have a lively student life, but tiny enough to provoke a strong sence of community. This university is full of clubs and the event schedule is packed with different types of events to suit everyones needs and wants: wether that be sports, board games or something totally different. Our university is also so small, that you start very quickly recognizing familiar faces and making friends.
  2. Nature and its possibilities. It is no news that Lapland has great nature. It is what makes this a very wanted area for tourists. However, it is also great for students. It is easy to try new hobbies and practise sports: ice swimming, skiings, fat biking, you name it. The great nature also makes the everyday nicer, like when commuting between home and university you can great views: autumnal colours, frosty, snowy trees or great green summer colours. 
  3. Possibilities to go international. The university of Lapland has a great number of exchange students, as well as great possibilities to do a semester or different periods of time abroad. This makes meeting likeminded people very easy. Student associations also organise events where exchange students are welcome, so it makes meeting local as well as other exchange students easier.  
  4. Possibilities for sports and culture. Rovaniemi has an excellent variety of possibilities to do sports and enjoy culture. Some examples include yoga with the wellness pass, tennis at korkalovaara, seeing films at Rovaniemen Cinema, concerts at Half moon night club and Korundi culture centre, art at Arktikum and theatre at Rovaniemen teatteri. 

- freya, faculty of Law


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