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January is here and it's time again to start looking for summer job. This is a process that is not always fun to go through. Especially if you have no previous work experience or contacts. I do have few connections and some work experience already, so I don't have to start from scratch.  All sympathy to those of you who are hunting for your very first summer job. I feel hopeless at times even though I've been doing this for years :D. 
How does it feel to write about yourself

For the first time I'm applying for a job in the field of industrial design. I'm trying to get into the design department in the same company I used to work for as an installer. I'm not 100% sure if I’ll get this job, so of course I decided to apply to every company that popped up in front of my eyes online. When applying to large companies it feels like letting your CV be carried by the wind and hoping to some Elon Musk to find it. Many companies do not have any contact information shared that you can call and ask for more information. (At the same time talk nice and collect points). There will certainly be hundreds if not thousands of applications for well-known companies. You must have skills and luck to stand out from the crowd. Personally, I've read a few "What makes a good job application" articles and haven't gotten any more hullua hurskaammaksi (wiser). Of course, some of those articles have some pretty good tips but luck still seems to matter the most (my opinion). I have luckily always found myself a summer job and I hope to find one next summer as well.  

Tired worker

Unfortunately, most of the jobs are in the southern part of Finland, so the apartment up here in north must be rented or dismissed. That's another job of its own, as each of us students would like to have a subtenant for the summer. So, there's plenty of apartments available if  

you’re looking for one! It gets more stressful the further the spring progresses if you don't have a job. You are thinking in your head about all sorts of options and battle plans. Let's hope the fish catches the hook early this year. Good luck to everyone who is looking for a job for the summer. 

-Heikkiveikko / TTK


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