Welcome to Rovaniemi (2/3) – 3 tips on how to furnish your home easy & cheap

New apartment, new city, new people – moving to a new place is exciting, but can also be overwhelming in the beginning. Here are some advices how and where to find cheap furniture and decoration to make this new apartment a perfect home for you.

1. Second-hand stores

I was happy when I found out that Rovaniemi has a great and refreshing variety of second-hand stores! Vintikki is one of the most popular ones. People sell their stuff on little tables so it is like an indoor fleamarket, I would say. You can find lots of furniture and devices and even bikes there, but of course also clothing. Also, the store Kontti (operated by the Finnish Red Cross) sells a great selection of furniture, decoration and lots of kitchen equipment for a very little price. It is definitely worth checking those stores out, especially because their product range changes regularely.

2. Facebook groups

Rovaniemi has many Facebook groups where people either sell their stuff (for example “rovaniemi/lähi myy osto vaihto ja anna materiat”) or even give things away for free (“Roskalava Rovaniemi”). I got much of my furniture for free from those groups so you should definitely keep an eye on the posts there and reply quick if you are intersted in what people give away.

3. For exchange students: ESN recycling room

For exchange students, another opportunity to get free equipment for your apartment is ESN’s recycling room. Always at the beginning of the semester, the room is open several times a week so that new exchange students have the chance to freely take from the room whatever they need. It is a circle of taking and giving: Students leaving Rovaniemi drop the stuff they don’t need anymore at the recycling room and those arriving to Rovaniemi can get equipment for free. Please not that stuff can be picked only from exchange students, but other students can leave things there as well.


The author of the blog, Vanessa, is studying Tourism, Culture & International Management at the University of Lapland. @tourcim

Photos: Vanessa


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