Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: 5 tips for short days in winter

My name is Vanessa and I am a 2nd year student in Tourism, Culture & International Management. Originally from Germany, I moved to Rovaniemi last year. 

One of the things I was most curious about before moving to Lapland was the darkness in winter. Many of my friends asked me: “How will you handle the dark winter over there? Aren’t you afraid of the short days?” You might wonder the same, and that is why I want to share with you 5 tips for the winter in Lapland.

1.: Enjoy the sunrise without getting up early

Good news for sunrise-lovers: During winter in Lapland you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the day without having to get up super early in the morning! Since the sunrise during December is earliest at 10.15, you can sleep long and still watch the beautiful sunrise.

2.: Use the daylight, while you can

Since the amount of daylight is very small in December (the shortest day on December 21st has only around 2 hours between sunrise and sunset), it might be useful to enjoy the light while you can. If I have any outdoor activities planned, I always try to structure my day that way that inside activities, such as learning or grocery shopping, are moved to the dark times of the day. Even if you have courses during the day, you can go for a quick walk in the little forest behind the university to take advantage of the light.

3.: Make evenings as cozy as possible

Evenings might be long in winter, but make them as nice as possible! Warm lights, candles and a warm tea are a good start for the dark end of the day. But also spending the evenings with my friends and playing games makes the nights seem a bit shorter. 

4.: Wear reflectors to stay safe in the dark

When being outside in the dark, it is very important to be seen by cars and bikers! Make sure to wear at least one reflector on jackets, pants and bags before leaving the house. There are many kinds of reflectors: those who you attach to your clothes, but also wests and reflecting gloves ensure safety.

5.: Watch out for the most beautiful lights: Northern Lights! 

My last and favorite tip for you: Let the night become the most beautiful time of the day by watching northern lights! If you are lucky, Aurora Borealis can dance in green and pink colours in the night sky and lets you forget the darkness of the day.

Summing up, you do not need to be afraid of the short days in winter. Be curious and think of it as a very special phenomena that you can experience only in some parts of the world. And always keep in mind that already in January, days will become longer. 

Have a nice Christmas Time!



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