So I guess almost all students will be suffering from the horror that is procrastination at this sunny time of year. I have absolutely no track of time these days, waking up thinking it could be 8am or 8pm and sleeping thinking the exact same thing. I’m getting to the time of year where essay deadlines are looming, so apologies for the delay, and nothing is harder than sitting in your room typing away knowing that the sun has finally come to Rovaniemi!

Everybody procrastinates; we put off doing things simply because we don’t want to do them. When I have deadlines everything else in the world seems like a better idea at the time, even cleaning. If you’re reading this blog, chances are procrastination brought you here too, as well as of course my literary talent J

So I have come up with a few pointers which will hopefully help rid this deadly curse. I guess problem number one for absolutely everyone is the excessive use of facebook. It’s the perfect accomplice to every late essay crime. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go use facebook on a daily basis, because that would be a heinous crime in itself, but perhaps moderately? Procrastinators seem to have an excelled ability in making excuses too. There are some excuses that we here one too many times, such as “I can’t work until I have a clean environment” – of course cleaning then occupies the majority of the day and by that time it’s far too late to start working. Another regular excuse is “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow” or “I work better under pressure” – We all know tomorrow is the same day, and pressure may force us to sacrifice the quality of our work. We also always feel like we don’t have the time to work, as in, we need at least 6 hours of interrupted time and of course that becomes impossible when we all consider our zealous social lives. Apparently, you work best in short intervals, approximately 45minutes with 15 minute breaks in between. This helps breaking the writing task into smaller pieces, thereby making it seem more manageable; if you know that you can work on part of your paper for just an hour it won’t seem as daunting.

Many of us here I am sure can put the pro in procrastination but as we experiment with different strategies for working I’m also sure it’s something we all soon overcome, however we shouldn’t expect overnight transformation. So let’s work hard and play hard!


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